Art is supposed to be good for our mental health. So why do we find ourselves, despite wanting to make art, doing anything but? Staying on the sofa night after night, bingeing on Netflix or scrolling through social media? Why does something that I know I enjoy feel so easy to avoid? 

Or maybe, why does something I’m supposed to enjoy feel so hard to do? 

How can I get back into making art with the kind of joy I need to feel? How can I create an art practice that feels like fun again?

I believe that if I’m avoiding my art space, it’s not that I’m a lazy procrastinator. Rather, my actions, or lack of action, is a sign that my creative practice is no longer healthy. I can’t thrive with an unhealthy creative practice, and I can’t make my best art in that environment either. 

If my deep desire is to make great art, I need to address the quality of my art practice. This course is designed to help you restore the joyful, playful fun that art originally was for you, so that you can make the art you’re meant to make. Art that helps you feel good in the making is art that comes alive, and helps you come alive as well. In this course we’ll explore some of the common struggles that keep artists from freedom and joy in their work. We’ll work together to develop some strategies for getting back on track when you start to slide into self-criticism, perfectionism, and discouragement, and you’ll find yourself discovering that there really is great art inside of you! 

I would encourage you to recognize that we call this a journey for a reason. There will not be a point at which you feel "done," rather you get to experience this as a process of becoming the artist you were meant to be today, while trusting that you are also becoming the artist you dream of being in the future.

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