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Painting Supplies:

This is YOUR course and it's intended to help you create your painting practice. Essential to this is for you to use what you have and enjoy curating new supplies that will enhance your personal style. I will not be providing resource links for supplies I'm using; please enjoy using what you have! (If you have any questions about resources used in the demonstration videos, I do offer a supply guide on my web site here.)


Here's where you'll find insights that have helped me in the past. I'm an avid reader and have gleaned so much from diverse sources. I've divided this resource list into two sections. Section one focuses on books on artistic mindset specifically, while section two offers some whole-life resources.

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases using the Amazon links below. Thank you!

Books on Artistic Mindset

The Artist's Journey - Nancy Hillis (

Creative Authenticity - Ian Roberts (

The Art Spirit - Robert Henri (

Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk - Danielle Krysa (

These are the ones I've been referring to the most. There are more in my Amazon list here.

Books on Mindset, Emotion, Authenticity

Atlas of the Heart - Brené Brown (

The Soul of Desire: Discovering the Neuroscience of Longing, Beauty and Community - Curt Thompson (

The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture - Gabor Maté (

Other Resources:

My favorite book on mark making: The Spirit of the Brush - Sungsook Hong Setton (

Kelly Hale's movement exercises can help you release tension from your body prior to a painting session. Sign up for her free Inner Resources series to start:

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