Module 1 Resource Guide

Please note that you do not need all of the supplies listed to complete the lessons in the course. This list is provided for your information only. I receive a small commission on purchases made using the links below. Thank you!

Book Recommendation: Atmospheric Watercolors by Jean Haines

Brush: Escoda Versatil #10 Rigger
Loose Goose Dagger Striper #1, Cheap Joe's Art Stuff

Daniel Smith: Perylene Violet, Aussie Red Gold, Wisteria, Cobalt Blue, Verona Gold Ochre, Phthalo Turquoise, Moonglow, Rose of Ultramarine, Tiger's Eye Genuine - Blick Art Materials
Sennelier: Rose Madder Lake, Blick Art Materials
Brusho Crystals in Sandstone, Blick Art Materials

Palette knife

Reeves large plastic palette, Blick Art Materials

Arches #140 cold press watercolour paper, Blick Art Materials

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