This session's project:

The sky is an ever-changing canvas, and for the landscape painter, skies can offer a striking focal point that makes the painting sing!

Workshop Outline:

  1. In this workshop, our focus will be on creating a sense of dramatic distance, a straight country road leading us below an expansive arch of sky. Is there distant rain on the horizon? You decide!
  2. Perspective: Creating distance in the landscape is a matter of proportion and placement that will indicate perspective. I'll talk through the ways I simplify perspective so it does the job without becoming confusing.
  3. Composition: I'll be spending extra time on prep work in this session, showing you how a strong value study can provide source material for a wealth of beautiful paintings.
  4. Working with wet & dry paper and creating contrast without stiffness.
  5. Mixing colour - working with blue.
  6. Finishing off with a variation to add even more drama in an innovative sketch in mixed media.

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