The Way of Watercolour

Growing & Thinking Like a Watercolourist

20 Ways to Develop Your Loose Painting Style

A loose style looks effortless and almost accidental, but that's very much by design. I have found that if I want my paintings to appear relaxed, energetic and expressive, I need to spend time planning, and the best way to develop a new painting is in the warm up stage. Warm ups are where...


8 Steps for Getting the Most Out of a Watercolor Workshop

Have you ever taken a watercolour workshop? What is your best memory or biggest lesson learned at a workshop? Have you ever struggled to get the most out of a workshop and felt like you were missing something? I believe in workshops and their ability to help you surge ahead to new levels...


Favourite Colours: Cobalt Teal Blue

Could there be a lovely colour to work with than cobalt teal blue? I confess that this lovely hue finds its way into almost every painting I create, and looking at it, maybe you can see why! While it's pretty straight from the tube, it also works beautifully when mixed. Adding magenta will give...