The Way of Watercolour

Growing & Thinking Like a Watercolourist

6 Reasons to Paint Fearlessly

Making art takes a very specific kind of courage. Good art is individual and deeply personal; exposing the artist for who they really are. If you are not fearless, you cannot paint authentically, for inherent in authentic art is the vulnerability of putting your true self...


20 Ways to Develop Your Loose Painting Style

A loose style looks effortless and almost accidental, but that's very much by design. I have found that if I want my paintings to appear relaxed, energetic and expressive, I need to spend time planning, and the best way to develop a new painting is in the warm up stage. Warm ups are where...


8 Steps for Getting the Most Out of a Watercolor Workshop

Have you ever taken a watercolour workshop? What is your best memory or biggest lesson learned at a workshop? Have you ever struggled to get the most out of a workshop and felt like you were missing something? I believe in workshops and their ability to help you surge ahead to new levels...


Favourite Colours: Cobalt Teal Blue

Could there be a lovely colour to work with than cobalt teal blue? I confess that this lovely hue finds its way into almost every painting I create, and looking at it, maybe you can see why! While it's pretty straight from the tube, it also works beautifully when mixed. Adding magenta will give...